Solid Waste Management

Mailhem offers end-to-end solutions for Municipal Solid Waste Management all around India and even consultancy globally. This includes controlling the generation of waste, handling the storage, collection or transport and managing the processing and disposal in a way that’s safe for the community, environment and the country.

Our primary goal of solid waste management is to reduce and eliminate the adverse effects of waste on human health and the environment in order to support better economic development and higher quality of life.

We have successfully completed various MSWM projects across the country and continue to help cities and companies reduce their waste and turn it into gold!

Mailhem offers end-to-end solutions for Organic Solid Waste Management which, includes:

Small Portable Biogas Plant

Mailhem has 100kg/day, 300kg/day, 500kg/day and 1000kg/day Portable Biogas Plants to treat organic wastes like Canteen Waste, Poultry Waste, Cow dung etc. which are plug and play models and easy to operate. They can be tailor-made as per your requirement. The flexibility in design and operations for these plants make them a highly valuable setup to reduce the waste in your industry or on your farm.

Using anaerobic digestion, our biogas plants work to reduce the greenhouse effect and limit the amount of harmful gases that spread in our environment.

It’s the best solution to do your bit to reduce waste.

Biogas Plants for Electricity Generation

Mailhem specialises in the engineering, procurement, construction & operation and maintenance of large and medium capacity Bio-methanation (Biogas) projects ranging from 2 TPD to 200 TPD for Power Generation. This power can be utilised for Captive consumption and can also be exported to electric grid.

Mailhem has expertise in treating wide range of substrates like

  • Kitchen waste

  • Canteen Food Waste

  • Slaughter-house Waste

  • Cattle Dung

  • Agro Waste

  • Dairy waste

  • Poultry waste

  • Food processing waste
  • Vegetable Market Yard

  • Fruit And Flower Market

  • Leather shavings waste

  • Starch effluents

  • Press mud and Distillery Effluent

  • Co-digestion of one or more substrates from above

Recently, the Government of India has launched SATAT Policy. SATAT means Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation, and is a developmental effort that will benefit vehicle users as well as farmers and entrepreneurs. It will help in efficiently handling municipal solid waste as well as other type of organic waste management and also aims at tackling the problems of air pollution caused by farm stubble burning and carbon emissions. Under this policy CBG can be sold at Rs. 46/kg to the oil marketing companies.

If you’d got any of these wastes and need energy, Mailhem has the solution for you! Mailhem can be your long term partner for these kind of projects.

Compressed Biogas Plants for Auto Fuel/Industries

Anaerobic Digestion generates Biogas which can be purified and converted into Compressed Biomethane, also called Compressed Biogas (CBG). CBG can be used as fuel for transportation or industries. The Government of India’s initiative has made biogas plants exempt from excise duty and eligible under Corporate Social Responsibility and 80% depreciation is admissible. Our Anaerobic Digester is a combination of Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors(CSTR) and Modified Up flow Anaerobic Sludge-Blanket (M-UASB) technology.

Mailhem’s Anaerobic Digester offers efficient management of waste and results in stabilized bio-manure. Successful use of biogas technology can also provide other benefits like the production of bio-fertilizer, social and ecological benefits including sanitation, reforestation and reducing the reliance on fossil fuels.

The suitable material for anaerobic digestion include segregated organic waste, Poultry Waste, Pressmud, Cowdung, Agro waste like Paddy Straw, Napier Grass, Slaughter house waste, Food Waste, etc.

Leachate Treatment Plant

Mailhem has expertise to treat the leachate in a Biogas plant. Leachate has high organic pollution load (BOD & COD) content. A high degree of BOD and COD reduction takes place in the anaerobic digester, followed by aeration & settling processes. This biogas is converted into power and used effectively for captive consumption or other purpose.

Operation & Maintenance Services

Mailhem has a wide experience of long-term Operation and Maintenance of Biogas Plants. Currently, we have over 30+ Operation and Maintenance Contracts going on throughout India. During our operations and maintenance services, our team of expert professionals inspect the plants and help you either with the installation or maintenance, as per the lifecycle of the biogas plants. We also offer urgent maintenance services in case of any issues with the plants, reducing downtime in your industrial or commercial setup.
Mailhem has skilled and experienced manpower for operating these plants and we assure you of smooth and satisfactory results.

Revamping Services

Mailhem also specialises in revamping existing but non-functional biogas plants. If you have a biogas plant in your industrial space or commercial space and are facing issues with it, we can offer our revamping services. As a result, your biogas plant will be studied and analysed before we recommend the best possible ways to revamp it as per your requirements.

This saves time, money and energy as you don’t need to invest in a new biogas plant.
Contact us if you’d like to know how we can add value to your existing plants.

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