A scientific landfill is given this name because of the scientific design during construction. The biggest challenge with ordinary landfills is seeping of solid waste into the underlying soil and water, contaminating both. At Mailhem, we have the expertise in designing and constructing scientific landfills over 10000 square meters, for a 5-year period. Thereafter, it is capped with liners and soil cover with a green top, and a new scientific landfill will be constructed for the next 5 years.

Waste rejects like stones, grit, broken glass, road sweepings are disposed of in a SLF and it is an inert component of the ISWM process. SLF also eliminates the risk of waste seeping underground as it is constructed of 90 m of clay, arresting any seepage or leakage within the landfill. The key advantages of a scientific landfill include controlled extraction of methane gas, no risk of pollutants going underground and complete waste treatment at disposal.

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