Mailhem converts plastic to granules and fuel to reduce the waste plastic and also offers a renewable energy source to keep the planet green and clean. The waste plastic is converted into usable fuel by the process which is well known as Thermal Depolymerisation. In this, waste plastic is introduced in reactor vessels at elevated temperatures of 400°C to 450°C in absence of oxygen and in presence of catalysts. This leads to the cracking of long hydrocarbon chains of plastics into smaller molecular weight hydrocarbon vapours. When these vapours are condensed, we get desired hydrocarbon liquid fuel the non-condensable hydrocarbon vapours are used to maintain the elevated temperature of the reaction.
Since plastic waste generation has rapidly increased over the past 30 years, recycling techniques of waste plastic and conversion to fuel avoid the negative impacts of plastic pollution. It also provides an alternative fuel for diesel engines, reducing the demand on fossil fuels.
We also convert plastic to granules after agglomeration, which is used for plastic roads construction.

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