Anaerobic Digestion generates Biogas which can be purified and converted into Compressed Biomethane, also called Compressed Biogas (CBG). CBG can be used as fuel for transportation or industries. The Government of India’s initiative has made biogas plants exempt from excise duty and eligible under Corporate Social Responsibility and 80% depreciation is admissible. Our Anaerobic Digester is a combination of Continous Stirred Tank Reactors(CSTR) and Modified Up flow Anaerobic Sludge-Blanket (M-UASB) technology. Mailhem’s Anaerobic Digester offers efficient management of waste and results in stabilized bio-manure. Successful use of biogas technology can also provide other benefits like the production of bio-fertilizer, social and ecological benefits including sanitation, reforestation and reducing the reliance on fossil fuels.

The suitable material for anaerobic digestion include segregated organic waste, Poultry Waste, Pressmud, Cowdung, Agro waste like Paddy Straw, Napier Grass, Slaughter house waste, Food Waste etc.

Recently Government of India has launched SATAT Policy. SATAT means Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation is a developmental effort that will benefit vehicle users as well as farmers and entrepreneurs. It will help in efficient municipal solid waste as well as other type of organic waste management and also aims at tackling the problems of air pollution caused by farm stubble burning and carbon emissions. Under this policy CBG can be sold at Rs. 46/kg to the Oil Marketing Companies.

If you’d got any of these wastes and need energy, Mailhem has the solution for you! Mailhem can be your Long Term Partner for these kind of Projects.

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